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My name is Frances Teves. I'm a weird mix of alot of things. I'm mostly Chinese and Spanish followed by Filipino and German.
I've lived in Cebu, philippines all my childhood life until I came to Canada when I was about 10 years old. I'm currently studying at Fr. Lacombe Senior High School where I just love learning about globalization in Ms. Ponce's class. :D
Even though I have alot of IB homework, I do my best to make time for my family and friends on the weekends.
I'm fluent in English and Bisaya. I pretty much understand Tagalog and I'm currently learning Spanish.
I'm really active and I love to go running and play badmintton. I'm really not picky with food but I absolutely HATE GUYABANO AND DURIAN.Oh and I would never eat a dog, a hamster, a cat, a mouse or other domesticated animals for that matter.
I love exploring the outdoors and my dream is to travel around the world one day (which is why I want to help preserve the world we are living in).
I am a strong Catholic believer and I always go to church on Sundays.
I love watching movies and I'm a proud farmville user on facebook. My idols are Ellen DeGeneres.
I hope to make an postive impact in the world and inspire someone one day.
It's my dream to go to Africa and one day teach the kids there.
I like helping people and giving them good advice. As of now I'm making a difference in the world by making sure my friends make good choices in life.

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    Climate Change, Gender Equality, Global Citizenship

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